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I want to talk about and I Think is the most powerful one at all is one called the creosote bush I have to admit that I’m biased about the creosote bush I’ve been studying the chemistry of this bush and locally in the deserts of the southwestern US and adjacent Mexico Ever since I was a graduate student so I Hate to tell you how long ago that was let’s just say I’ve been studying the chemistry and medicinal aspects of this plan for more than years in my university laboratory either as a graduate student or as a university professor here at their lost this particular plant the creosote bush other psychic scientific name is Larry.

At private Tara has several kinds of antioxidant phenol sore call aligns that are antiviral one of the most interesting research literature reports that I’ve seen on a few so of course has antiviral was posed in that showed the mechanism for how to give it’s the replication of HIV so this is nothing new to those of us that are looking at this plant for a long time the folk medicine shows that this plant has been used to treat common cold and stomach flu so also as well as an antiviral for in folk medicine for a long time so in my opinion in based on my research the aligns that are also that anti-HIV are important enough to be the top curve.

For treating herpes and in fact we have patented formula is not developed for that purpose commercially available at-the end of this video I’ll give you a link to go and evaluate look at one of the products that i have created based on our patented formula so you can look more information it’s the best herb Know us for creating herpes of all kinds it doesn’t matter that simplex one and two as a matter of megalomaniacs or shingles or chickenpox or any of those is an extremely powerful these of all kinds this is dr. Dennis.