Creative Ways You Can Improve Your Florida Homeowners Insurance Quotes

So the the insurance adjuster who is typically a third-party hired byte insurance company nothing wrong with that they don’t have these guys on on staff – so they hire a third party group to come and adjust these claim sand typically what we’re seeing in Baton Rouge is is two to four weeks after the insurance adjuster comes and stands in your front yard and shakes your hand the insurance adjusters is writing the report so that insurance adjuster might see dozens and dozens and dozens of homes.

In between they stay at the time Stand in your front yard shake your hand and a time that they actually write the report to four weatherperson there’s you know understandably some memories get foggy and things aren’t unremembered in some things are not accurate and to the way to combat that-is is to really do your best on the front end so document take as many pictures as you can before demolition.

Occurs take videos what I tell client sis take as many photos as you think it’s just obnoxious and then just take more because what you want Florida Homeowners Insurance Quotes Examples to be able to do with the adjuster is to make sure that the adjuster is giving you exactly what you’re entitled to under the policy nothing nothing more than that but certainly nothing less than that either and so you want to make sure that if you have six inch molded you’re getting paid for six inch molded if you have feet of drywall you wanna make sure that you’re getting.

paid of feet of drywall and so documentation is really the key for that particularly before the demolition occurs that the best is is to have an appraiser come in to actually do that adjustment on the front end and to end and to be able to match up line byline by line exactly what the adjuster from the insurance company thinks.