Biggest Valuation Mistakes You Can Easily Avoid

Basically what you’re doings you’re securing a property with bank guarantee okay we’re just ten percent down on the property and then you you’re waiting for the market to too its thing seeing a construction of to months ideally and what you’re doing is you’re selling this property and you’re betting on the fact the market during a period of time is going to go up okay so there’s a couple of things need to happen for this strategy to work really well okay because you’re trying to create a ten to twenty percent capital gap between what you’ve paid forth property of what the problem is going to be worth at the end so you want to target specific properties oblong-term settlements contracts up to to months in the right growth area which is the key and during the right part of the property cycle okay so you got to target the right area right part of the property cycle prior to the set of the property we value the property to create new equity through.

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